My Insatiable Fascination of Science

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“Science is a way of thinking much more than it is a body of knowledge.”

– Carl Sagan

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Every person on this planet must have experience that wonder of getting to know things for the first time. Like when you first learn that the Earth spins on its axis at over 1,000 kilometers per hour, or the Sun is a type of star and that it is a huge ball of burning gases at 6,000� Kelvin on the surface and 15 million� Celsius at its core and so much more information to learn as you grow older. Well, I used to like Science but now I’m crazy about it! Nothing sparks my interest the most like when a new scientific discovery unravels the age-old secrets and mysteries of the Universe.

Science and Its Benefits
We humans have come a long way in this planet and quite frankly, I am excited to see our species advance even further! We went from making stone tools to spending €14 billion to build the Large Hadron Collider (LHC) at CERN to making plans to build the theoretically plausible interstellar travel or otherwise known as “The Hyperdrive,” which was made famous by the Star Trek TV series and films. Imagine where we will be in a hundred years from now? Or even better, a thousand years from now? Science has provided us an escape plan from our primitive instincts and thus we reap the benefits later on, as well as our future generations.

The benefits of scientific breakthroughs include:

• Healthcare
• Energy
• Transportation
• Food Production
• Telecommunications
• Space
• Efficient Countermeasures Against Natural Disasters
• Defense & Security

Technology & Innovation
Science plus human creativity produced a work of art from the gamut of technological innovations that are being used by society today. For instance, our transportation systems started from horses, camels and donkeys; to internal combustion engines like the Hannessey Venom GT which is officially the world’s fastest land vehicle. We have incredibly advanced marine and air vehicles too! Then there’s the internet and how it changed the way we do business and work. The 9 – 5/5 days a week jobs are a thing of the past now and people can work remotely from anywhere in the world, get twice the pay and enjoy a gazillion of benefits.

Innovation happens at 3 new devices are developed every hour and we have just started out.

The Future of Our Civilization
We’re also closer to forming a much better alliance of global governments as we evolve past capitalism and communism. In fact, some pro-peace and pro-humanism advocates are pushing for micro-management when it comes to government, so that people could have more freedoms than what we had in last thousand years. The benefit of a global alliance where human freedom is at its core is more innovation and it could lead us, as a species, to become space farers and visit other star systems which is very exciting! Yes, I use to like Science but now it is the dream that I had that came true and I wouldn’t have it any other way.